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Lake Nakuru National Park is a must for your central Kenya tour of the Great Rift Valley with AfricanMecca! Seasonally, see firsthand one to two million lesser and greater flamingos dip their curved bills into the warm, alkaline water of the lake to extract their favorite food – special algae that are found in abundance in this unique water outback. Established in 1961, the park has gained global recognition as an ecologically significant region having been named a RAMSAR Site and Important Bird Area. Lake Nakuru is also part of the Great Rift Valley Lake System that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The park covers 73 square miles (188 square kilometers) that not only includes the lake, but also savannah, forests and swamps, and the southern end of the park also encompasses the Makalia Falls. The most prominent wildlife in the park includes 56 mammals and 450 bird species..

The lake itself is frequently dotted with the pink tones of flamingos that are joined by pelicans, herons, storks and other wading birds. Overhead, you see the distinct brown, black, white and bright yellow coloration of an African fish eagle looking for meaty carcass of flamingos while gliding on wings that span six to eight feet. One of the most colorful birds at Nakuru lake is the African pygmy kingfisher. As one of the smallest in the kingfisher family, this little insect-eating bird is about five inches long, but the brilliant plumage more than makes up for the small size..

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