Cycling Safaris

Hodari Africa Safaris has been running a cycling safaris series dubbed Cycling for Lives; this project is run by Mr. Robert Ndegwa.

Robert Ndegwa is a renowned long-distance cyclist, one of the only two in Kenya. He is the ambassador of Cycling for LIVES which works with multicultural communities in extensive areas of community development and empowerment. Long-distance cycling is not so common in Kenya and Africa as a whole.
He has cycled over 6000 kilometers locally; some of the Areas he has covered are in Nairobi, Central Kenya, North and South Rift, Western and Nyanza, amongst others.
Robert uses cycling as an outreach tool to intervene in different community needs that affect the larger society. Some of the projects he has been involved in are fundraising for charity and non-political advocacy in peace, education and health.
He has done several interviews on mainstream TV and print media. Robert also uses social and mainstream media to inform, educate and empower the community to improve their lives.


On the 11th of December 2022, Robert will embark on a 10-day cycling safari from Nairobi to Malindi through Mombasa, a distance of 605 Kilometers (about 376 miles), making eight stopovers.
Kenya has been experiencing drought, and many people have been affected and are hunger stricken. Robert will donate dry foods and clothing to at least one children’s home wherever he stops.
The objectives of this safari are:
  1. Merging the theme of cycling safaris with corporate social responsibility.
  2. Supporting the less fortunate in a spirit of brotherhood ahead of the festive season.
  3. Creating awareness of the effects of global warming
Robert is seeking support from corporates and individuals in and outside Kenya to achieve this noble cause. He intends to raise one truck of dry foods and clothing for distribution to the needy during this trip.
We appeal on his behalf to you – Let us do this together.

Cycling for Hunger by Robert Ndegwa

You can channel donations via Cycling for Lives Go Fund Me account.

Thank you as you show love.