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The Corporate Café

This is this a very important corporate communications too that offers an opportunity to ignite a conversation among the team members that could be very useful to the management in their day to day decision making. Most management teams that we have conducted a Corporate Café for have found it a very useful tool.At any given point you might want to reflect on how far the company has come, you might also want to share the milestones with new members of staff or even to communicate the culture of your organization or set the pace for the future. A Corporate Café gives members of the team an opportunity to present their thoughts, ideas and creativity into the organization that is not available in day to day meetings where most of the time people gather to take orders other than to be heard. After the event we will compile this into a booklet called the Corporate Café Outcome and present it to management. We will always discuss the questions to have in the café with you during our pre-event meeting to ensure that this event suites your objectives.

Corporate Café Methodology

a) Setting: Create a “special” environment, most often modeled after a café, i.e. small round tables covered with a checkered or white linen tablecloth, butcher block paper, colored pens, a vase of flowers, and optional “talking stick” item. There should be four chairs at each table (optimally) – and no more than five.

b) Welcome and Introduction: Our host will begin with a warm welcome and an introduction to the Corporate Café process, setting the context, sharing the Cafe Etiquette, and putting participants at ease.

c) Small Group Rounds: The process begins with the first of three or more twenty minute rounds of conversation for the small group seated around a table. At the end of the twenty minutes, each member of the group moves to a different new table. They may or may not choose to leave one person as the “table host” for the next round, who welcomes the next group and briefly fills them in on what happened in the previous round.

d) Questions: each round is prefaced with a question specially crafted for the specific context and desired purpose of the Corporate Café. The same questions can be used for more than one round, or they can be built upon each other to focus the conversation or guide its direction.

e) Harvest: After the small groups (and/or in between rounds, as needed), individuals are invited to share insights or other results from their conversations with the rest of the large group. These results are reflected visually in a variety of ways, most often using graphic recording in the front of the room.

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Corporate Team Building Experiences That Impact On Your Team And Stir Up Improved Productivity.

Are you tired of playing games during team building?

You might be surprised how many team building consultants know how to play games and they may even know how to debrief those games but they don’t really know team dynamics in the business world. Team building when done right is one of the most powerful ways to achieve significant breakthroughs in employee productivity.

What is different about our program?

We work with you to develop a team building program that solves actual problems in the workplace. Together we identify the needs of your organization. We develop a program using outdoor elements including obstacle courses to come up with solutions. We evaluate the effectiveness of the training over time.

How do we do it?

Outdoor Management Development (OMD) and outdoor team building has long been used as a way to facilitate change and develop effective leadership and team building skills using the great outdoors. We will put together a program based on your individual needs that will stretch and develop your interpersonal skills. This is a powerful and effective way to facilitate fast long lasting change, real experiences, real consequences and real meaning, all transferable and very applicable to the business environment.

Why does it work so well?

We operate a policy of challenge by choice, this means that through consultation with you, we will provide a series of challenges to stretch and strengthen your team and its members. Participants are always in control of their level of participation and how they contribute to the team’s goals. Rather than avoid issues and challenges we find that fully adopting this inspiring approach leads to team members being empowered to take on responsibility and new challenges and to have open and honest conversations about what they can and cannot do.

How does our program benefit your organization?

1. Benefits of outdoor team building include
2. Increasing self-awareness
3. Increasing peer awareness
4. Effective team working and leadership skills
5. Effective communication skills
6. Increasing group morale
7. Coaching skills
8. Peer feedback skills
9. Have fun